Of Authority

Then after three years, I went up to Jerusalem to get acquainted with Cephas and stayed with him fifteen days. I saw none of the other apostles—only James, the Lord’s brother. I assure you before God that what I am writing you is no lie. ~ Galatians 1:18-20

We are greatly indebted to the doctor in attendance there, for he, although it might prejudice his own work, has told us of his belief in ours. (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 162)

Older, wiser,
or at least more experienced.
We’re not alone,
not required to rely
on ourselves,
to look to God and no human.
More will be revealed,
not only through prayer and meditation.
Revelation comes through folk
of all ilk,
not just older, wiser.
Sometimes through fools,
though the mouths of babes.
God can use anybody —
especially when I’m convinced
I’m better, smarter, more advanced
than God’s chosen.

God, thanks for lessons,
both the content and
the messenger.