No Basis for Contention or Argument

Then fourteen years later I went back to Jerusalem again, this time with Barnabas; and Titus came along, too. I went there because God revealed to me that I should go. While I was there I met privately with those considered to be leaders of the church and shared with them the message I had been preaching to the Gentiles. I wanted to make sure that we were in agreement, for fear that all my efforts had been wasted and I was running the race for nothing. ~ Galatians 2:1-2 (NLT)

Nothing would please us so much as to write a book which would contain no basis for contention or argument. We shall do our utmost to achieve that ideal. (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 19)

United, a common front,
of one mind.
We are a diverse group,
people who would not ordinarily mix
yet there’s a friendliness,
a fellowship,
an understanding
uniting us,
divergent people
facing a common problem,
a problem so huge,
so overwhelming,
so devastating
difference makes no difference.

God, in recovery
I’m no longer different,
no longer alone,
among friends I’ve never met,
in the in-crowd. Thanks.