Coming Home

I went trembling into a house in Brooklyn filled with strangers . . . and I found I had come home at last, to my own kind. There is another meaning for the Hebrew word that in the King James version of the Bible is translated “salvation.” It is: “to come home.” I had found my salvation. I wasn’t alone any more. ~ “Women Suffer Too”, by Margaret “Marty” M. of New York City And Connecticut, The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. 1st and Second Editions, Kindle Edition.

The website agrees,
“The word ישועה (yeshu’ah, Strong’s #3444)
is a noun derived from the verbal root ישע
(Y.Sh.Ah, Strong’s #3467)
which means “relief” in the sense of
being rescued from an enemy,
trouble or illness. The King James Version
translates this word as help, deliverance,
health and welfare, but most frequently
as salvation.”
Do the concepts involved in faith words
such as salvation, God, Lord, and surrender
stand in your way in finding an acceptable
Power greater than you to whom you’re
willing to turn your life and your will over?
If you need to approach this power
analytically, feel free to!  (even if,
like the young man I met early in recovery
whose Higher Power was “Howard”
as in Howard be your name.
Don’t let your need to analyze
keep you from finding
the treasure-trove of Recovery!