Be Attitude 3

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. ~ Mark 8:5, NIV, Holy Bible, eBook (p. 938). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.

Most people try to live by self-propulsion. Each person is like an actor who wants to run the whole show; is forever trying to arrange the lights, the ballet, the scenery and the rest of the players in his own way. If his arrangements would only stay put, if only people would do as he wished, the show would be great. Everybody, including himself, would be pleased. Life would be wonderful. In trying to make these arrangements our actor may sometimes be quite virtuous. He may be kind, considerate, patient, generous; even modest and self-sacrificing. On the other hand, he may be mean, egotistical, selfish and dishonest. But, as with most humans, he is more likely to have varied traits. ~ A.A. World Services Inc. Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition. A.A. World Services, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

We recovering people don’t often present to the world
a meek self…at least not at first. We are not patient,
long-suffering, resigned, peaceful docile, demure or mild…
or any other synonym of meek… at least when we get to the Rooms.
Sometimes…often…as old-timers we are. But we usually come in
rebellious. Those of us who find a home here become meek
as we inherit the earth, as we turn our will and our life
over to the care of One Who Can transform us.
Thank God the meek are blessed and inherit the earth!