At the Garage Sale

What have you got I need?
I see this old book – copyright 1939?
Such arcane language,
“the goose hung high”?
Still, I see myself, my problems
in the dated, sexist text.
This old God? No, I don’t think so.
I tried him for years
with no real connection.
I’ll stick with the one I found
when somebody asked me
to describe my own conception
of God. But these old ideas —
rigorous honesty, keeping clean
my side of the street, seeking
God’s will and power to do it —
certainly still a great value.
And this three-legged stool
marked “physical, emotional,
spiritual” – old, but comfortable,
like home. You know,
Daddy always said, “There’s nothing
new and improved.” I’ll take these.
What? You want to change your mind,
to keep them, use them? Can’t say
I blame you. And I know their value well.
I’ve got them all myself.
They’re too precious to discard
just because they’re tried and true.

Image Copyright: benemale