What Do You Want?

I want to eat. I reach for the food, but what am I really reaching for? I am not hungry—not for food. I’m hungry for comfort, warmth, and inner calm. I’m hungry to be loved and have fun. I search for what to do, how to handle my issues and situation—and I reach for the food. ~ Anonymous, Overeaters. Abstinence, Second Edition: Members of Overeaters Anonymous Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope. Overeaters Anonymous. Kindle Edition.

Consider your own addiction,
active or latent. What DO you want?
My default answer was food,
though I would have mislabeled it
as hunger. I would have “fixed” it
with food even when I was so bloated
I was miserable. But this is correct:
I’m hungered for comfort, warmth,
for inner calm. I hungered
to be loved and have fun.
I searched for what to do,
how to handle my issues
and the current situation
I hungered for peace, for love
but I reached for the food.
Today I’m not hungry
and that’s not because
I just ate. I’ve found my needs met
in the Rooms of Recovery
and I reach for support,
for the real needs and find
peace and comfort
beyond my wildest dreams!