Turn Your Mind Inward

When someone upsets you, instead of focusing on yourself or on the person who provoked you, mindfulness meditation teaches you to merely look directly at the emotion itself. What is this pain? Look at the pain directly, without looking at yourself or the other person. When you turn your mind inwards to the pain and bring your mindful awareness there, you can really change. ~ Monique Rhodes

Upset? Don’t look at the players,
neither you nor the person who,
it would appear, upset you.
Look at the emotion troubling you,
and try to label it. A Course in Miracles
would tell you the list of possible emotions
is quite short. An emotion, it says,
is either love or it is fear.
What is this pain? Look at the pain directly.
If it’s pain, it’s fear. When you are aware,
you can change your mind, substitute love
for the fear, and change you, the other person,
and the entire world!