The Reflection

I realized after seeing this building that the clouds are reflected in the building but it doesn’t make the building the clouds and not to get confused. People either look like a drug or they look like their higher power; that depends on what they reflect from the inside. And the reflection of yourself that you see in other people is not you. That’s you, through their filter. ~ Maureen Gibbons

When you look at a person
do you automatically…or at least often…
see the beauty? If we choose
seeing beauty it’s more likely
we’ll see it. If we think of the person
with a negative image…of the person
of of ourselves…we see ugly.
We see a drunk, a fat person, a shrew,
a bum. Let us choose to look
through the eyes of the Power Within,
through eyes of love, so that we see love,
beauty, goodness. May the Power
of the universe within you
color your whole world beautiful!