The Gift of Desperation

I have been blessed with the gift of desperation. I am convinced to my innermost core that I will always be just one bite away from my worst binge ever. ~ Overeaters Anonymous. Taste of Lifeline. Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

It’s a unique phrase,
“I have been blessed
with the gift of desperation.”
But when you’ve looked
for an answer for decades
and finally find it…and sanity to boot…
you cannot help but grasp
the treasure you’ve found
and know the inherent fear
that insanity could return
and all might be lost
in the sanity of those years
returning bu reverting to
destructive old behaviors.
May your innermost core…and mine…
escape the bite that loses it all…
that first compulsive bite!

Image Copyright : Jason Stitt