Scientific Prayer

It [Christianity] teaches the efficacy of Scientific Prayer to reshape one’s whole life for health, harmony, and spiritual development. By Scientific Prayer we mean the Practice of the Presence of God. ~ Fox, Emmet. Find and Use Your Inner Power (p. 31). New Albany. Kindle Edition.

“Efficacy” means the ability to produce
a desired or intended result.
Scientific Prayer here is defined as
“the Practice of the Presence of God.”
Emmet Fox thrived in the 30’s and 40’s
and elsewhere said, “in scientific prayer
it is God who works, and not you,
and so your particular limitations or weaknesses
are of no account in the process.
He also wrote: ‘Knead love into
the bread you bake;
wrap strength and courage
in the parcel you tie
for the woman with the weary face;
hand trust and candor
with the coin you pay
to the man with the suspicious eyes.’
This is beautifully said,
and it sums up the
Practice of the Presence of God.
I cannot define scientific prayer
but I can try to live it.

Emmet Fox