Relinquishing Control

How much control can you relinquish? Don’t ask God to be your assistant. Don’t seek God as an equal partner. Don’t buy into the “God is my co-pilot” crowd. Make yourself God’s assistant, his employee, his co-pilot. ~ OAStepper. Slender Steps to Sanity – Twelve-Step Notes of Hope (Kindle Locations 439-440). Eagle Wings Press, imprint of Silver Boomer Books. Kindle Edition.

What kind of control did you use
before you found Recovery?
Did you stuff down your anger, your embarrassment,
or your jealousy by indulging in food? in rescuing,
in drinking, drugs, gambling, shopping,
or some other obsession? Do you still?
Once you get to the point you need
the Rooms of Recovery then you’ll need
to surrender not only your old go-to tools,
but the idea you can successfully control anything!
Instead on finding you cannot control anything (“I can’t!”),
and on coming to believe that a Power greater
than yourself could restore you to sanity (“God can!”),
the only solution is to give trying to control anything:
(“I think I’ll let God!”) Then trust enough to do it!

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