Recovery ANYWHERE!!

What a vacation this turned out to be! I explained my food program to the cook, and she weighed, measured, and served every one of my meals. Total abstinence! We found one more friend of Bill W. and the four of us watched the sun rise every morning, sipping coffee and sharing in a very casual Twelve-Step meeting. I know that I can deal with my feelings today without shoving something in my mouth. One day at a time at home, work, or even on vacation, I have my Higher Power, the tools, and the Twelve Steps to help me live my life. ~ Anonymous, Overeaters. Abstinence, Second Edition: Members of Overeaters Anonymous Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope. Overeaters Anonymous. Kindle Edition.

It’s travel time…maybe.
Perhaps it’s a trip or outing
you’ve never before considered
before these unique times.
But that doesn’t require
a break in abstinence.
These are unique times
and rules change but if you ask
you can eat what you need to.
A friend of mine asked for her food
and was served a showcase of a meal,
maybe not as many vegetables
as she would have chosen,
but nothing not on her plan.
Ask for what you need
and look for opportunities
to be with Recovery people
to be your family of choice
as you are powerless together!