Although I had studied Christian theology in school, I had kept it at an intellectual distance. Now I felt the threat of a more personal significance. ~ Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love. Harper-Collins W-Books

I was raised in the church — almost literally!
At one point Daddy was song leader
and Sunday School Superintendent,
Mother was Children’s Superintendent,
my older sister president of the high school youth
while I was of junior high. I got a degree
in Christian education, had been church staff
for four congregations, wrote curriculum
for two denominations, had taught Sunday school
for decades. Amid my parents’ possessions
I had  brought home to distribute,
I showed my husband a framed key to the church
where we married, long since burned to the ground.
His response? “I always knew you had the key!”
But like Marianne Williamson, somehow I managed
to have kept theology at an intellectual distance.
Nearly sixty, I found Twelve-Step Recovery
and there I found a Higher Power
Who evidence a more personal significance in my life.
Perhaps the greatest gift of the Steps is the shorthand
for Steps One, Two and Three, “I can’t. God can.
I think I’ll let him!”


Image Copyright : wklzzz
Image Copyright : wklzzz