Not My Mood

…we can’t change another person’s mood. Period. And we should not even try. What we can do is change our behavior around those people. Or we can choose to stay away from them altogether so we won’t be tempted to let their moodiness trigger an impulsive reaction rather than a thoughtful response. ~¬†Casey, Karen. Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow. Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

I’ve come to accept the abbreviations NMF and NMD
as food I don’t eat and beverages, either alcoholic
or sweetened as NOT MY FOOD and NOT MY DRINK.
and I’m more than ready to add NMM meaning
NOT MY MOOD. Just because someone shares my space,
fails to appreciate my words or actions and adopts a mood
I’d rather not adopt, I have the right, the ability,
and the desire to declare it NMM. I choose Love
as my mood and anyone not acting out of love
is at that moment living NMM! Image ID : 86620857