Neat and Orderly?

Visualize your home neat and orderly. Thankfully, your mind knows no difference between reality and a thought. God has blessed you with a powerful mind that allows for abstract thinking, planning, and dreaming. The more you think on good things, the more you will appreciate the blessings that already surround you, and the greater the possibility that you will have more good things to be thankful for. When you focus on what is praiseworthy, you will naturally delineate what does and does not help you press forward toward your goals while also maintaining your peace. ~ Lawton, Sabrina Universal. Each Day a Gift: A Gratitude Devotional for Women: 90 Devotions to Make a Habit of Praise and Thanks (pp. 50-51). Althea Press. Kindle Edition.

My daily readings from fourteen books
seemed to be in collusion today to get me to
imagine this house clean and to believe,
to expect it to come to pass.
I have worked through a largish tub,
filled two trash cans, and kept a small box
of treasures. The room looks slightly worse,
not better, but progress has been made.
I have moved toward peace and comfort.
And sanity!