Like Gasoline for a Car

The First Step serves me as gasoline does an automobile: I draw regularly on the reservoir of acceptance of my powerlessness, but have to stop from time to time to fill up again on the insight that I will never save myself from the “bondage of self.” ~ Anonymous, Overeaters. Abstinence, Second Edition: Members of Overeaters Anonymous Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope, Overeaters Anonymous. Kindle Edition.

A reservoir of acceptance
of my powerlessness,
the ability to fill up the tank
with the insight I can never
rescue myself from the bondage of self?
I love the word picture and the value
inherent in this interpretation
of the usefulness of Step One,
1. We admitted we were powerless
over food — that our lives
had become unmanageable.

That I am, and I’ll enjoy that image
for a long time when I recite the Steps
as I pause for the image to grab the light!

Copyright: Savanno