Inhale Divine, Exhale Surrender

On rough days, I make outreach calls and commit to three breaths where I inhale “divine” and exhale “surrender.” ~ Overeaters Anonymous. Taste of Lifeline. Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

What’s a rough day?
It could be a nagging ache
in the leg, the arm. or in the heart.
It could be feeling bad, a cough,
a sore, or it could be traumatic
with you or someone close
in the hospital or never coming back…
So you make an outreach call
to somebody who shares your compulsion,
someone whose “remedy”
once would have been the one
you set aside, you tell them what’s happening
and that you’ll do what you know will work,
that you’ll take three deep breaths,
understanding as you do
that you will each time inhale the divine,
God as you understand God,
and as you breathe out, you will exhale
your worry, your obsessing, your fears
and in doing that once more
make a decision to turn your will
and your life over to the care of God
as you understood Him,
surrendering the issue and your reaction
to a Power Who Can.

Image Copyright : lilkar