In Good Hands

     I believe that, on some deep level, we are at a point in our human history where we are subconsciously acknowledging a truth that we are struggling to admit to ourselves. And that truth is that we are lost.
We have lost our relationships with ourselves. We have no idea how to be with ourselves. We have lost the art of being able to do nothing. We have no idea how to sit quietly in a room alone for any extended period of time. We are terrified of silence. We are afraid of not being busy, not being active, not doing anything.
But most of all, we are scared of what goes on in our own minds when we are still, when we do sit quietly. ~ Monique Rhodes

Are you scared of what goes on
in your own mind when you sit still,
when you sit quietly?
Are you concerned about our world,
our nation, your family?
Are we lost?
Are you, individually lost?
I had a conversation recently with two friends.
I told them I was developing new habits,
that I was declaring them my accountability partners,
that I would report to them whenever
I failed to keep a scheduled commitment,
that James Clear told of a man
whose Twitter account daily promised five dollars
to five people when he overslept…past 5:40!
Another was reading about prosperity
and found Catherine Ponders’ Laws of Prosperity
instructiveThe other was pondering
setting an example for her grandchild
and now her business could better treat customers.
We three have not accepted the idea
we our actions and attitudes cannot evidence hope.
Don’t fear solitude or a tumultuous world.
Have the courage to choose to change,
to know hope perseveres, that we’re backed up
by the awesome  Creator.


Image Copyright : Bruce Rolff