Hula Hoop Treasures

I can only handle what’s in my hula hoop. ~ D. K.

My sister’s mother-in-law
once commented she and her sisters
thought their parents could do anything!
All this time later I recall the description
and see the wisdom it held.
As to Daddy though, it was not true.
He once took my Timex watch apart
to repair but could not put it back together.
He was horrible at remembering names,
could not get stink-bait to stay on a hook
and he tried the hula hoop we had
and could not keep it spinning!
To be honest I inherited his name retention
and couldn’t do the hula hoop either.
I wish I could try one now but
I expect it’s still true. But this comment
in a Recovery meeting quickly
became a truth with which
I can totally identify!

Image Copyright : Jozef Polc