Hitting Bottom

Other bottoms can include a different scenario. A person may be extremely successful and self-sufficient, but secretly believes he has no real friendships. Understanding feelings and spirituality can be confusing to this person. This person may be addicted to work or some other compulsive behavior. The person usually seeks an intellectual relationship with a Higher Power. ~ ACA WSO Inc. Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families, ACA WSO Inc. Kindle Edition.

It took me most of a lifetime to hit bottom,
to reach a place where I felt compelled
to admit powerlessness over my problem
and reach out for help. Sure, I’d tried self-help,
groups aimed at my compulsion,
but was I powerless in my mind? No.
I had a good job, was respected,
appreciated except, I believed,
by those closest to me. I told people
so-and-so considered me a friend
but I had no friends. And a Higher Power?
I knew the Bible, church history,
theology, but I had no God personal to me.
But thank God, he got me to Recovery
and there everybody was my friend
and I relied on them,
felt good they relied on me
and now I’ve got many true friends
inside and outside of Recovery.
Thank God and Recovery,
I’ve been restored for the first time
to Sanity!