From a Fellow Bozo

Let me first say
I’m just another Bozo on the bus.
I’m no authority on how to do Recovery.
But I’ve certainly done my research.
identifying how to fail,
to fall on your face.
It took two sponsors
for me to KNOW I needed someone
who was there when our call was planned,
to call me on my fuzzy language when I hedged.
That’s a person I can trust, a role model I can follow
even when her advice made no sense to me,
I learned it made sense after I followed her advice.
I learned as I grew in understanding
to trust my instincts, not to be assured by others
I was close enough to the path when
I knew I really was not.
And long after it should have happened
I learned to honestly follow a plan of abstinence
knowing with no doubts I’d follow that plan
the rest of my life!