For the Love of Life

With an undefended heart, we can fall in love with life over and over every day. We can become children of wonder, grateful to be walking on earth, grateful to belong with each other and to all of creation. We can find our true refuge in every moment, in every breath. ~ Tara Brach

An undefended heart
enables…no, facilitates!
falling in love with life
over and over every day?
And the undefended heart
person can become a child of wonder
giving thanks for walking on earth,
appreciatively aware of a sense of belonging
to people around and creation itself!
An undefended heart means safety
in each moment, in each breath.
So just what is an undefended heart?
Brach mentions “exquisite risk”
describing our willingness to be fully alive,
open, available,  living true to our heart
and with the challenges and blessings
of taking the exquisite risk,
both in becoming more intimate with our inner life,
and in engaging with others from full authenticity.
What are you willing to have others see?
How open are you willing to be?
Is it acceptable to you for others to see
the truth in your heart, in your life?
If you truly are, your unprotected heart
invites everything good, even attracts it.
Will you present an unprotected heart
for the love of life?

Image Copyright : bolina