Fitting Everybody In

Four meetings, now,
we’ve joined from home
acting as if we circled a table,
pretending our weekly gathering
was in the normal location.
Acting as though we had hands to hold
to to bring life to the words,
I put my hand in yours,
and together we can do
what we could never do alone.
We speak of hopelessness ended,
of not proceeding on willpower–
if ever we had it!
Instead we reach out our hands*
and get power  and strength
beyond our own
and in holding hands
find united strength
along with love.
People understand us at last
and we each have strength and power
we could not have dreamed of.
But we’re not together
as we shelter in place, alone,
images of our friends
both old and new
looking at us
on small screens.
We look for programs
allowing more of us
to fit on the screen
from other separate places.

illustration Copyright : Lorelyn Medina






*From I Put My Hand in Yours ©1968…1995 Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.