Finding Our Lost Truth

How could we have known that people-pleasing would strip us of our own opinions and feelings? We didn’t know we’d lose our sense of humor, our principles, or perhaps even our morals. We lost our own truth. Recovery means finding it. If a joke is funny, we laugh. If it is not, we don’t. If someone else’s statement is offensive, we can confront it or leave. If an unpopular decision has to be made, we are free to make it and go on to something else. We don’t have to please! ~ Larsen, Earnie. Days of Healing, Days of Joy: Daily Meditations for Adult Children (Hazelden Meditations) . Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Do you say yes to everything
asked of you in an effort
to help them feel accepted
and liked?
Do you pretend to agree
with everyone?
Do you feel responsible
for how other people feel?
How often do you apologize?
Fo you fill you schedule
with what others expect?
Do you admit when someone
hurts your feelings?
Are you uncomfortable
if someone is angry at you?
If you were told someone with your job
could not express their opinion
on any subject and could not
raise money for any cause,
would that be the best job ever?
I had that job, loved it!!!
But that’s sick! It is possible
to give up people pleasing!
Start getting out
of the people-pleasing habit
by saying no to something small.
Express your real opinion
about something simple.
Or take a stand
for something you believe in.
Each step you take will help you
gain confidence in your ability
to be yourself.
News flash! We don’t have to please!