Fear of People

Fear of people is usually a fear of rejection or disapproval, often brought about by our own sense of unworthiness. Feeling we are without value, we may settle for less than we are entitled to or less than we could have. ~ Anonymous. Body, Mind, and Spirit: Daily Meditations (Hazelden Meditations) . Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The ubiquitous “they”
which I well know includes me
speak of coming to Recovery
alone on a ladder rung
with the rest of the world
on levels above or below ours.
If we feel undeserving, “less than”
most are above us but if our fear
leads us to arrogance, feeling superior,
but inherently lonely.
But coming to these Rooms
we learn how like the others we are
and the fear abates leaving us amid
our new family of choice with close
lifelong friends we’d never have known
but for these Twelve marvelous Steps!

Image Copyright : Kheng Ho Toh