Everything is an Opportunity

Everything is an opportunity…. It’s the cracks. It’s where the light comes through…. You’ve been collecting data. You’ve done some research.  Can you draw a line in the sand? …. It had to be what it was, it is what it is. ~ Susan Pierce Thompson, Ph.D.

When you fall on your face,
hate yourself, feel like an idiot…
can you bring yourself to understand the truth…
that it’s an opportunity to learn,
to understand who you are,
to grow from the experience?
Can you accept that when you make mistakes
you’re going to grow from them unless
you play ostrich and bury your head in the sand?
Next time when you fall on your face,
are inclined to hate yourself,
feel like others believe you’re an idiot,
can you pause, remember everything is an opportunity,
realize you’re collecting valuable data,
and that It had to be what it was,
it is what it is…now grow from it?

Image Copyright : andreykuzmin