Evening Love Spreading

As you look back over your day mentally, for all unpleasantness that occurred, dare to mentally recast that experience. See all concerned as loving, understanding and harmonious, and you will be surprised how often those involved will do an “about-face,” and make amends for their previous attitudes. ~ Ponder, Catherine. The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (Impact Books): Forces That Bring Riches to You (p. 86). Wilder Publications, Inc. Kindle Edition.

What angers you?
The maddest I’ve been today
involves a couple who
ignored the new normal,
brought coronavirus to my city
and flaunted it, ignored admonitions/orders.
A brief spat over my kitchen’s care comes to mind.
Can I imagine these recast to their being loving,
understanding, harmonious?
Do I want to? Sure, I’d like their remorse displayed.
But I’m a person involved in the unpleasantness.
Am I willing to be loving, understanding and harmonious?
Am I willing to do an “about-face,” and make amends
for my previous attitudes?
If the others do!
God, help me to have the healthy mindset!