Circumambulation is
a ritual term meaning literally
“to walk a circle around”
a holy place, person, or object.
Such rituals are related
to the widespread significance
of the sacred circle….*
Sacred? Not my circumambulation!
But since late December
I’ve walked more than a million steps,
more than four hundred miles,
the vast majority around and around
and around my back yard, six times
circumambulating to make
a thousand steps. A sacred circle?
I walk listening to Recovery recordings
occasionally, repeating prayers
and affirmations sometimes.
Sometimes listening to talk radio
on radio or podcasts. My walking buddies
may be near or miles away,
even an ocean and half-continent away,
or my constant company barking
and exploring.
But the real companionship
is my thoughts, myself,
and the Power Greater than Me
to whom I surrendered my life and my will
and daily surrender the bondage
of myself.  I cherish the time together
and the simple sacred circle.

Companions Honeybear and Benji