A Warm Blanket of Worthiness

You can be wrapped in a warm blanket of worthiness if you will allow it. ~Abraham Hicks

We seem to try to make life harder.
I made a pie tonight, messed it up
as well as the plate under it in the oven.
My husband asked why I was crying.
I wasn’t, but I was distressed.
I had already cleaned the mess,
ot inconvenienced nobody but me.
And the kitchen will be clean when I get up.
Why do we react to inconveniences?
Why do we pass up the a warm blanket
of worthiness our loving Father provides.
Why is it so hard to remember the good
when the bad is so minor an issue?
And everything is minor when
we only hold on to the appropriate perspective.

Image Copyright : Parinya Agsararattananont