A Halo or a Noose?

As musician Dan McKinnon put it, “It takes only a short fall for a halo to become a noose.” ~ Cohen, Alan. A Course in Miracles Made Easy (p. 60). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Songfacts.com says,
“This is about what drugs do to you
and how you perceive them.
This song is about someone
who has had a drug or drinking problem
and went through the steps to get rid of it.
Once free of the addiction
this person denies he ever even had a problem.
The song is a wake-up call
to people like that,
reminding them that they did have a problem
and they shouldn’t just erase it from their memory.*
Are you a longtime 12-Stepper?
Are you powerless over fill-in-the-blank?
If your gut answer is no,
does that mean your noose is waiting?
Are you sure? What will you do?

Image Copyright : Kostiantyn Zapylaiev