You Are Worthy

Ask me to name one outstanding quality about myself, and I will hem and haw, knowing deep down that my best self-appraisal is unreliable. It seems safer to be derogatory than complimentary, to criticize rather than praise. ~ Anonymous, Overeaters. For Today (Kindle Locations 1497-1498). Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

You know, I presume,
there’s implied codicil
to the Golden Rule,
a supplement tougher
for we Recovery denizens
than that “love your neighbor”
mandate. Don’t you find the harder
directive to be loving yourself?
Try. Name an outstanding quality
you exemplify. Too hard?
Try naming something
you’ve done well today!
Can you praise yourself?
Do you honestly love yourself?
Love you as much as you love others!