What Do You Want?

How do we know what we really want? Perhaps that’s our main point of confusion. But looking inward we’ll find the answer we deserve.

Casey, Karen. Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course . Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

What do I deserve?
How do I figure it out?
Everybody deserves love,
respect, the right to be who they are
so long as it hurts nobody else.
Everybody deserves to make decisions
about what they do, how they do it,
in what order they do
although commitments made
should be honored if possible.
I deserve those things, those rights.
That’s not so hard to see, to accept.
But the question is WHAT DO I WANT
not deserve. The context of the quote was,
“It’s important to ask for what we really want,
because our lives will reflect
that which we dwell on.
What we dwell on
may bring us only pain
unless we are specific
and intent on the opposite.”

So, if what I want is the direction I approach
just because of the wanting
where do I want to be, to have?
I want to have peace, serenity,
to be an adherent
of A Course in Miracles,
to live it.
I want to participate in life more fully,
to dare, to try, to do.
I want to write, to preserve
what I know, what I understand,
to fill a slot in the world, to matter.
I want to serve, to meet needs,
needs beyond the physical
of those in my presence.
I want to matter.