Welcome Home!

As I spoke, I looked around the room. More importantly, I looked at the faces of the people in the room and I saw it. I saw the understanding, the empathy, the love. Today I believe I saw my Higher Power for the first time in those faces. While still up at the podium, it hit me—this is what I had been looking for all my life. This was the answer, right here in front of me. Indescribable relief came over me; I knew the fight was over. ~ A.A. World Services Inc. Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition. A.A. World Services, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

At most Overeaters Anonymous
you’re likely to hear. “If you decide
you are one of us,
we welcome you with open arms.
Whatever your circumstances,
we offer you the gift of acceptance.
You are not alone any more.
Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous.
Welcome home!” Whether or not
you had met anyone there before
that meeting, for almost everyone
that’s exactly how you feel At home!
…maybe more completely than ever before!
And the same is true of other 12-step groups.
You may not share the addiction,
but you share the acceptance, the love.
Do you have a compulsion you need to address?
The path is clear. Find your way home!!