The Spiral Staircase

Becoming whole is like climbing a spiral staircase: it takes us upward but also in a circle. We’re likely to pass by many of the same challenges on our way up, but they’ll look different each time because we’ve climbed to a new level. ~ Covington, Stephanie S. A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps (pp. 175-176). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.”

The broken elevator in the show
The Big Bang Theory invites the picture
of level after level but so often they climb
together but alone. Think of another
set of stairs with beings moving up and down,
that known as Jacob’s ladder.
Jacob awoke thinking, “Surely the Lord
is in this place, and I was not aware of it.”

God is in our Recovery as well
but too often we fail to notice!
Surely the Lord is in this house!
Let’s pay attention!

image Copyright : Brian Maudsley