The Next Right Thing

Wanted to stop in cafeteria and keep eating but did not. I brushed my teeth and [am] walking out.
Not a binge but a slip I want you to know
I had already been feeling like a busted can o biscuits in my clothes
And I started my reading in the bathroom before I left. 


End of a long shift,
two disagreeable conversations
to wrap it up…
Food is a drug of choice,
though no longer the choices made,
but then, temptation beckons.
Wrong choices, not like days of yore…
No! Not like days of yore!
What do I do to stop?
The next right thing!
For me, reading her tale,
my next right thing here at home
is to put a toothbrush in my purse!
How powerful is that?
Not a binge but a slip…so —
I brushed my teeth and walked out
but read Recovery literature
in the bathroom first.
The next right thing
keeps a slip from becoming a binge!