Refrain from Diversion

A prayer I recommend is: “God give me the courage and strength to know who I really am, to act accordingly in my life, and to refrain from diverting my time, energy, and interest into my character defects.” In addition to praying, however, you still must do the legwork. You have to stop acting out the defects and begin doing something else instead. You have to actualize the sober life. You have to make the principles of the program real in the practice of your life. And in doing that, your Higher Power takes away your defects.~ Terence T. Gorski, Understanding the Twelve Steps: A Interpretation and Guide for Recovering People. Touchstone. Kindle Edition.

Who am I really?
What kind of courage,
how much strength do I have?
And what kind of strength?
How does God want me to act out
the courage and strength I receive?
Into what character defects
am I inclined to divert
my time, energy, and interest?
Procrastination, of course…
chronic low-intensity fear.
Stupid computer games.
Buying into the negativity
coming from the media
and the chair in front of me,,,
The dogs. Acting the step-and-fetch-it role…
Food, or even water, to do ANYTHING
but the next right thing…
I have to make the principles
of the program
real in the practice of my life.
I must refrain from diversion,
especially since the diversions
are my principle defects!