This has nothing to do with rationality. ~ MG

Are you intelligent? Logical?
Analytical? Rational?
Do you identify with the statement,
“Your best thinking is what got you here.”?
Or do you claim the statement,
“People with above average IQs
are more prone to substance use
and addiction.”?
Do you believe intelligent people
…are more curious,
…are less constrained by social norms,
…are more prone to social anxiety and isolation,
…are more prone to worry or relive bad memories,
or are more likely to feel bored or dissatisfied?
Maybe there’s truth in all of it,
but there’s hope. It’s still true
“Rarely have we seen a person fail
who has thoroughly followed our path.”
And it’s true that you must choose
to completely give yourself
to this simple program,
the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.
This has nothing to do with rationality!

Image copyright : arcady31