On Hatred

Look as calmly as you can upon hatred, for if we are to deny the denial of truth, we must first recognize what we are denying. Remember that knowledge precedes denial, and that the separation was a descent from magnitude to littleness. And so the way back is to retrace the way to magnitude. ~ Wapnick, Kenneth. Absence from Felicity : The Story of Helen Schucman and Her Scribing of A Course in Miracles

How calmly can we look upon hatred?
And in context, the meaning was
the hatred felt by the person addressed.
Look calmly on hatred FOR if we are
too deny the denial (the grammarian
within decries the double negative,
the cancellation of the denial!)
of truth we must first recognize
what we are denying.
Magnitude and truth are the yea
to the nay of lying, hatred and denial.
We reach magnitude truth and love
by setting aside all that isn’t a yea.
We want knowledge to avoid
a descent to littleness.
And knowledge is aligning ourselves with God.

Image Copyright : iqoncept