No Accident

We are not on this path accidentally. We have not been introduced to these truths accidentally. There is nothing about our lives so far that is accidental. And tomorrow will prove to be no different. ~ Casey , Karen. 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles: Cultivate a Simpler, Slower, More Love-Filled Life (Kindle Locations 545-547). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

How did you get to the rooms of Recovery?
Were years of misery a requisite to your arrival?
If so, be grateful for them, for these rooms
are the best place you can be…or maybe¬†
it’s just that the long road here was worth the stress
because these amazing rooms, the destination
makes it right. It was not an accident we got here
but this midpoint in the journey was in the plans
from the beginning. And that remains true…
as delighted as we are to have found this place,
that to come is even better. But we have a role,
a part in the plan and we move forward
in accordance with the plan by giving love
which comes tight back to us and as good as this feels
we’ve got giant steps toward what is best,
easy steps as we live theseTwelve Steps.
Glory be the reality that awaits us!

Copyright : stillfx