We know the word reiterate
but I had not before run into
“iterate,” whose definition
seems to cause reiterate to be redundant.
Merriam-Webster defines iterate
as “to say or do again
or again and againĀ : Reiterate”
which in turn is defined,
“to state or do over again
or repeatedly
sometimes with wearying effect.”
Iteration is the key to Recovery.
We got here by doing something
over and over and over again.
We become different by doing
something differently
over and over and over again.
We read the same literature,
say the same things
over and over again.
It took time to write the wrong things
on our behavior patterns
and they are rewritten the same way.
Get to the Recovery you long for
as you would get to Carnegie Hall…
Practice, practice, practice,
iterate, iterate, reiterate!!

Iterate, iterate, iterate!