I Will Act as If

I will accept an opportunity today to act “as if” I can handle a situation I used to run from.

Casey, Karen. Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women. Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Recovery does not bring freedom
from fear, release from character defects
such as my procrastination. Recovery is not
a magic wand waved over a life
bringing instant freedom from fear…
even that invidious chronic low-intensity fear
I know as procrastination. Twelve years
after I fell into the doors of Overeaters Anonymous
I still have to tackle the procrastination ogre,
and I can only do that by acting as if
I can live Recovery. That act, for me,
means emailing my sponsor each evening
for a while, telling her how I managed
to edge out procrastination by tackling
baby step after baby step until the mountain
in my path begins to…and continues to…
diminish by the bucketload
until I can finish by stepping over
the molehill that remains.

5505578 - black mole in open air, molehill