We are learning, slowly, that our lessons, which are contained in the circumstances of our lives, are never meant to hurt us, just educate us. We adjust to this knowledge with the help of others who seem far more peaceful than we. Probably they have already learned that there are no accidents. ~ Casey, Karen. Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course. Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Some lessons are hard to learn.
I spent the day in such a  situation.
A wise woman suggested to a friend of mine
that she accept the negative, the undesired result
and use that impediment, then to rebound,
to bounce, to ricochet, to become all that she can be.
In doing this she chooses not to act from fear
but to act from love when it feels she
is alone in this, and doing this,
she spreads the love making the world
a better place!