Hearing the Right Inner Voice

The ego can sound very wise. It has practiced its art for as many years as we have been alive. But its advice is always meant to keep us hostage to it. We’re not well served by the ego.

The wisdom that arises from our inner voice does nothing but serve our better interests. It fosters love in our hearts. ~ Casey, Karen. Keepers of The Wisdom Daily Meditations: Reflections From Lives Well Lived. Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The ego would control each of us,
holding us by fear, by the need
to control, the insistence of our importance…
by convincing us the world is against us.
But there’s another voice, always available,
always the better choice, never as loud,
at no time demanding attention,
waiting to be chosen, wisdom incarnate…
in ME, in YOU! The still small voice,
wisdom, our better self… the loving choice,
the truth.
May each choice I make today
set ego aside and make the better selection!

image Copyright : Diana Johanna Velasquez