Get Away from Yourself

Gradually get away from yourself and you will know the consolation of unselfish service to others. ~ Anonymous. Twenty Four Hours A Day: Meditations (p. 53). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

You are important.
Chances are you know that…
it has been the focal point
of your life. While struggling
with addiction, you could think
of little else. But things have changed.
You’re no longer responsible
for running the world.
So, what do you do with
your free time? Here’s a clue:
“Having had a spiritual awakening
as the result of these Steps,
we tried to carry this message
to compulsive overeaters
and to practice these principles
in all our affairs.” You use your
time, your energy,
not to run the world
but to carry the message
to others still running the world,
still centered in self,
and share the spiritual awakening
by sharing, carrying the message
to the person you once were.