For Bobbye

It will not work, your scheme.
Set all the reasonable weight-loss
schemes, promise yourself  rewards you want.
You’ll never hit the target…not even two weekly ones
no matter how you try. Carb blockers
won’t work if you take them and still eat carbs.
A pin at an acupressure point
in your ear to twist will not stop you from the sweets.
Never going to a drive-through window
when the clerk knows your order has no effect.
Let me tell you why. You are powerless over food
and your life has become unmanageable…
long, long ago!! Only when you recognize that,
come to believe there’s a Power Who can do what you can’t,
and let that Power control can you ever
get off the merry-go-round and let the weight go.
don’t waist decades, do it now, my young self,
and learn what peace and contentment are!