Ordinary ain’t your style boy, it’s like a jacket way too small. ~ Elliott Park

Would that you were hot or cold
but you’re not so I’ll spew you out.
Do – or do not. There is no try.
Lead, follow our get out of the way.
We of the rooms of Recovery
come from isolation, longing to be
of the crowd, normal, a part.
We’ve lived in our mental hierarchy,
above most – jealous, fearful of the rest.
We avoid attention-getting endeavors —
don’t look at me! Let me blend in…
Then that Power we decided to yield to
beckons what we least want to do.
“What anybody thinks of you,
it’s none of your business.”
The outcome of your risking
is out of your hands, not your concern.

So go on and fly, boy —
To the sky, boy.
Win or lose, you are free.
But wherever you go, boy
Clouds above or rocks below, boy
You don’t belong here in between.

It’s not plagiarism if everybody knows I’m quoting God through John’s Revelation and Yoda. The last quote is from Elliott Park’s “Fly Boy” from the album Flyboy.