Recovery is about expansion. The Twelve Step path is an ever-widening spiral. At first we circle tightly around our addiction, then, as we begin our recovery, our lives begin to expand. The object of addiction no longer binds us so tightly. We begin to include more experiences and more people in our lives. This is the process of expanding the self. ~Ā Covington, Stephanie S. A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps (pp. 198-199). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Start with knowing you need help,
that you can’t stand life as you know it.
grasp the idea you’re not alone,
that others like you have found relief.
Listen and learn they do it by trusting,
by knowing there’s some power
larger, beyond, that cares, that interacts.
Know the other people. how their recovery works.
As your life becomes more meaningful,
more sane, more acceptable,
move through recovery finding
your expanding life, the sanity
to reclaim more, to expand your life.
Discover what the sanity people speak of
really can be the life you lead
as your life continues to expand
in a widening spiral!

image Copyright : Brian Maudsley