Emotionally Abstinent

If our Higher Power is not at the center of our lives, we will find it difficult (if not impossible) to be emotionally abstinent. ~ L., Elisabeth. Food for Thought: Daily Meditations for Overeaters. Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

What does it mean to be emotionally abstinent?
The Urban Dictionary  suggests,
“a self-protective series of behaviors
intended to protect male egos
from emotional involvement
that could otherwise cause
trauma, drama, or stress.”
Personally I resent the male ego
limitation (as well as the male
who tendered the answer.)
But I don’t need the resentment
and if I’m going to have it,
certainly the trauma, drama and stress
will wreak havoc if my Higher Power
is absent from my life.
Emotional abstinence in my opinion
is treasuring the presence of HP
to save me from trauma, drama, and stress.

Image from PSYCHOLOGY TODAY website