Eight Years of Recovery Daily Dose

A simple event, really, a poem first published
in OAStepper’s Slender Steps to Sanity:

You don’t know what it’s like,
I’m a grievance to my folk,
an anathema in my job,
a worthless piece of shit
even I’ve no use for.
Let me die.

What? You can’t know that.
Look at you, peace in your face.
How could you know I feel that,
did that, think like that?

You can’t know what it’s like,
can’t conceive my pain, my shame
for I never whispered of it.
You did that too? You felt this way?
You can’t know what it’s like.
But you do.

And the copying and the publishing were
the first day! And this, eight years later
is the two thousand nine hundred
eleventh day, with that many poems
that many poems one at a time.
In Texas or New Mexico, Oklahoma,
Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan,
Ireland, wherever…as the saying goes,
“A tad of poetry every day, recovery on the go.”
Some were from Slender Steps.
Others from A Time for Verse or from
A Cloud of Witnesses. And truth be told
fewer than ten were repeated over the years.
In sickness and health no matter what.
Recovery Daily Dose began quite simply
as a marketing ploy for
That was May 4, 2011, and every day since then
there has been a daily dose. It has become
much more than a marketing tool.
Rather it is the primary tool by which the authors
retain the sanity they have and increase
their serenity, willingness, surrender,
abstinence, and service.
Whether anybody else benefits,
the payback for the authors
is sufficient to sustain
the string of days,
one day at a time.

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