Dare to Leap

Leap, and the net will appear. ~ John Burroughs
I ventured out of ordinary surroundings
and found myself protected, given a hand,
worried over, loved, by all around me,
those I’ve known well for many years
and complete strangers.
My computer daily tells me as I type here,
“Not Secure,” but although I take
physical challenges cautiously
knowing more danger in walking across a
a parking lot than in working on this site
the truth is glaringly unspoken in daily life.
Still, of the 15000 steps on the pedometer
in the time I’m describing, the only time I fell
was in my home, totally familiar and
a step when I know the “No tSecure”
message is very real.
“Leap, and the net will appear?”
Yes, literally (physically)
emotionally and spiritually.
the net is there,
and the name of the net is love.
Thank God for outstretched hands
and for the net of love!